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The Peak Difference

Our Mission:

Our mission with every client is to objectively assess and address pain or performance barriers to improve injury status and/or sporting performance. Our experts always aim to identify and correct the underlying movement dysfunction to improve the mechanical issue at hand, not merely to temporarily relieve painful symptoms.

Our Philosophy:

We believe strongly in quantifiable assessments, this way improvements can be tangibly seen in black and white. These facts allow us to address strength imbalances, movement dysfunctions and range of motion deficiencies to improve injury or athletic performance!

Additionally, we perceive rehabilitation and appropriate strength and conditioning as one and the same. Whether you want to lift heavy or merely be functional in everyday life free from injury you need to be equally strong to withstand it. Our clinicians have extensive experience and understanding in rehabilitation and training for performance, enabling them to not only return you to pain free function, but to improve athletic performance in the safest way possible.

Why Peak Sport Science?

  • We understand training from elite level to grassroots
  • We will guide you to self-manage your injury/condition (meaning less $$$ spent!)
  • We are Honours and Master’s Qualified Clinicians
  • We utilise quantitative assessments so you can see your program is leading to your improvement in numbers, not just by “feel”
  • We have an unrelenting passion about all things rehabilitation and performance

No Gimmicks. Just Science.

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Martin Kurz

Martin Kurz established Peak Sport Science in 2016 with the goal of providing an all round service for any athlete or individual who wishes to improve their condition, whether this be returning to pain free daily function or improving athletic performance. Martin possesses not only a Bachelor Degree in Sport Science, but Honours in this area through research with the St. Kilda Football Club in 2010 and completed a Master’s Degree of Clinical Exercise Physiology (Exercise Sport Science Australia Accredited) in 2014 (making his services Private Health and Medicare rebateable). For the majority of the last decade Martin has worked with people from all walks of life to improve their strength and fitness and has gained first hand experience in the elite training practices in many sports including Aussie Rules, Gymnastics and CrossFit.

In his athletic life Martin was a Senior International level gymnast, representing Victoria 8 times at the Australian Gymnastics Championships. Since his retirement from the sport in 2012, Martin has developed into a senior coach at the highly regarded Schwartz’s CrossFit Melbourne (winners of the CrossFit Pacific Regional Games in 2012, 2013 and 2015 and Runners Up in 2016 and 2018) and has developed Melbourne’s premier Adult Gymnastics program at Peak Gymnastics.

Martin has presented strength and conditioning based seminars around Australia and internationally and is constantly progressing his own knowledge in all things assessment, strength, conditioning and rehabilitation, so you can be sure you are getting the best advice possible. With many of his rehabilitative modalities steeped in strength and conditioning and as such, in science, Martin’s goals for his clients are not to merely “get you back to function” but to get you back to and beyond your target level of activity.

Tertiary Studies:

  • Deakin University – Bachelor of Sports Exercise Science / Bachelor of Commerce (Sports Management)
  • Deakin University – Honours in Exercise and Sports Science
  • Deakin University – Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology


  • Exercise Sport Science Australia Accredited Exercise Physiologist
  • Exercise Sport Science Australia Accredited Sport Scientist
  • Certified Level 1 & 2 Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) Provider
  • Certified Level 1 & 2 Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Provider
  • Certified Level 1 Y-Balance Test (YBT) Provider
  • Certified and Insured Massage Provider
  • Certified Upper Extremity Active Release Techniques Provider
  • Level 1 RockBlade Provider
  • Certified Level 1 RockTape Kinesiology Taping Provider
  • Level 2 first aid, CPR & Anaphylaxis Accreditation
  • Level 1 CrossFit Coach Accreditation
  • Current Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance
  • Medicare Provider Number and HICAPS